Thursday, October 25, 2007


Big Boy!


New York City is another world

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My amplifier does not like my record player

Living Room


the real gotham

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

view from the parking lot of target in kingston, ny. even big boxes and strip malls can't take away from the beauty here. it seems to be generally unavoidable.

new yorker

clouds at subway

? on riverside dr

in new jersey before the lincoln tunnel


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

i was a dog walker for the last year i was in chicago. before i moved i never realized people could actually do this full time and pay their bills. it was totally great-even when it was below 25 degrees for a month straight. the insane heat and humidity is actually worse than the bitter cold.! i really liked all of my dogs but these pictures are of my favorite, Trevor.

he always chewed on his leash like this. he wasnt really supposed to but i rarely stopped him. he really couldnt be stopped.

thats the two of us in the window of the front door to his building. it was very cold that day.


good dog

one of his more graceful moments

he was actually having a good time here but he looks totally miserable and cold.

stoic trevor

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

everytime i would pass this store on the northside on ashland ave i would think of my friend matt who lives in nashville or there abouts. that's his blog to the right-juan horsetown. hi matt hopefully you can see this one.

sometimes churches are blurry in lincoln park...

...sometimes they are not.

this picture was taken on cortez st just to the left and behind "the empty bottle". i really like the blurry quality a digital camera can give sometimes. it does something really great to the light.

Monday, June 25, 2007

this picture blog is my ode to chicago-home for the past 3 years. i live in upstate ny now in the woods...literally in the woods. we moved from chi about 3 weeks ago. it took a week to finally stop confusing birds for car horns and the dryer buzzing for my apartment buzzer. jan of 07 i finally got a digital camera and took lots of pictures of the city only to lose the camera 4 months later. so these are some of the pictures i took in sweet chicago over that 4 month period

chicago skyline-john hancock->sears tower on top of the home depot/guitar center parking garage in lincoln park

the el! belmont stop on the redline in lakeview on the north side.

the red line sheridan el stop in wrigleyville a block away from my apartment. i didnt want to live in wrigleyville necesarily but my studio was only 465 a month! cubs baseball insanity can be a bit much but overall my two years there were really nice-even parking...before the first home game of last year's season i was walking on the other side of the sidewalk in the above picture and in my peripheral vision i notice a stream of liquid. for a split second im thinking what the hell is this?!. i follow the stream and my eyes land on the penis of a 20's something eastern euro type with cubs attire and a ridiculous smile. so this is wrigleyville....